Here are some of my progresses in learning mathematics. Apologies in advance for the immature writings.

(Almost) Finished projects:

Rudin's Principle of Mathematical Analysis. First 8 chapters.

Axler's Linear algebra done right.

On hold/Abandoned projects:

Bona's A Walk Through Combinatorics. I decided to skip this and waiting for a chance to do problems from Stanley's Enumerative Combinatorics.

Aluffi Algebra: Chapter 0's book notes. So many commutative diagrams needed to drawn so I stop typing solutions.

Notes about $p$-adic representation theory (very incomplete) The goal is to fill out the details about this subject and learn as much as possible. I learn the subject from Valentin Buciumas, where at first the goal is to read Bushnell and Henniart's The Local Langlands Conjecture for GL(2) but I didn't manage to go that far for the book.

Few things I am trying to do:

Vakil’s algebraic geometry book + part 2


Notes about symmetric functions when I took a reading course with Ole Warnaar.

Notes about homological algebra where I learnt from Nguyen Manh Linh's lectures for Basic Notions webinar. A record of things I learnt everyday (it is not proofread, so please read with care). This is inspired by Tom Gannon's What I Learned Today.